How to Respond to Customers on Social Media

You have a gorgeous Facebook Page, but are
you connecting with your audience from the

first click with engaging tools?

Facebook and Instagram are fantastic tools
for directly chatting with your consumers.

Be proactive with your social media presence
and make instigating a conversation and quickly

responding to your page viewers as efficient
as possible.

Start by engaging your audience as soon as
they show interest in your business.

On Facebook, navigate to the messaging tab
on your settings page and enable ‘Show a


This will initiate a conversation with the
viewer before they ever send you a message.

Prompting them to interact with you further.

To make quick-messaging seamless throughout
the rest of your page, consider making your

call-to-action button a visible & readily
available shortcut to messaging your page.

Any opportunity to engage your viewers in
a direct conversation should be considered.

You can even add a messaging focused call-to-action
button to your Facebook & Instagram ads.

Now that there is a thoughtful pipeline for
messages to flow through, make earning a Very

Responsive to Messages Badge for your Facebook
Page an absolute priority with both automated

and manual responses.

Go back to the messaging tab on your settings
page and select ‘Set Up Automated Responses’.

Page viewers will now receive a response as
soon as they message your page.

Giving you ample time to respond with a handcrafted

Instagram even has similar functionality!

Remember, to obtain a Very Responsive to Messages
Badge on Facebook, your page must achieve

a response rate of 90% and a response time
of 15 minutes over the last 7 days.

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Now that your page is tailored to receiving
and sending professional messages, you have

the opportunity to go deeper.

Third-party apps like ManyChat and Tidio will
automatically respond to your audience and

can even guide them through the entire Buyer’s
Journey solely in the chat box.

This will free up your time and make your
messaging strategy nearly autonomous.

Interested in how you can elevate your marketing
presence with tools dedicated to helping you

reach your consumers on social media?

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