Market Your Home on Social Media

Hi, I’m Mairin. And I’m Madison. These are the fast tips you need to know to market your home on social media. Number 1, Its all about the visuals. You want to use bright high quality images to tell the story of staying in your rental. Even photo editing rookies can improve the quality of their content by using free apps like Canva, Adobe Lightroom or even within Instagram. Number 2, tell your story. What makes your home so unique? Is your rental walking distance from a cool local festival, or down the street from the best pizza place in town?

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Anything to get travelers to come stay at your home. Number 3, use social media as a digital guestbook. Share your reviews or your guests photos to build confidence and interest for new travelers to book with you. Urge your guests to share photos on their own social media tagging your account or using a specific hashtag so you can find them more easily. You can even put up a sign in your entryway to remind guests to share. Number 4, Engage with guests to increase loyalty and expand your reach. If your guests shares a photo on their own social media and tags you be sure to like and comment to remind them of their great stay and so their follows can discover your page. When users ask questions about your rental be quick to respond and always share the link to your listing so they can check out rates, availability and ultimately book their next stay And that’s it. We hope these quick tips help you market your vacation home on social media. Be sure to follow us and we’ll see you online

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