Social Media Envy: 5 Tips To Survive It!

A German study found that
up to 40% of Facebook users

report feeling frustrated
after visiting the platform,

with envy making up
nearly 30% of the reason.

The study also reports a correlation
between social media envy

and decreased life satisfaction.

In this video,

we’ll go over five practices
to lend you perspective

and self-empowerment

the next time social media envy strikes.


Pictures are deceiving.

Almost everyone wants to project
that they are successful,

happy, or busy having fun adventures.

But the reality is often a far cry
from picture-perfect.

So, remember to take all those
glamorous photos you see on your feed

with a grain of salt.


There is solid research to suggest
that systematically practicing gratitude

can improve not only
your mental well-being,

but your physical health as well.

Aside from being more impervious

to envying your friends’ adventures
on Instagram,

you’ll also enjoy other fringe benefits
including better quality sleep,

fewer aches and pains,
and higher energy levels.

It can be as easy as keeping
a “gratitude journal”

and jotting down a few things
you’re grateful for every day.

This simple habit can increase
your overall feelings of well-being by 10%!

Another proven way to flex
your gratitude muscle

is to spend a little time volunteering.


If you find there are one or two people
who are constantly in your face

with updates about how great their life is,

consider removing them
from your social media feed.

If you’re worried that unfriending
or blocking these people will hurt feelings,

  One Strategy Social Media Platform

there are stealthier ways to go about it.

For example, on Facebook,

there is a feature called “unfollow”
that blocks that friend’s updates

from showing up in your newsfeed,

but you still remain Facebook friends
and that person will be none the wiser.

Instagram has a similar feature
called “mute”,

which allows you to stop seeing content
from that person

without needing to unfollow them.


Taking the internet with us
everywhere we go is a bit of a curse

because the temptation to pop
onto social media

has become a way for us to kill time
whenever there’s a lull in the day.

Try to substitute these sessions
with something positive and productive.

You can even still use your phone!

Download the Kindle app and read,
or listen to a motivational podcast.

If you struggle with willpower,
using an app like (OFFTIME)

can help enforce your breaks
from social media.


Taking action to better yourself

is one of the most mature
and compassionate things

you can do for yourself.

Harness that envy
and transform it into motivation!

But you will need to consciously
shift your mindset to do this.

Reflect on what it is
about your friend’s posts

that are making you envious.

Do they seem to have more friends?

Are they more successful
in their careers?

Do they get to travel
and see new places all the time?

Write down the answers
to those questions in a journal.

Then transform those answers into goals.

Start with the goal
that’s most important to you

  How social media affects our mental health

and put an actionable plan in place.

You’ll find that even a small step
towards your dreams

can be incredibly empowering,

and create even more motivation
to continue growing.

Remember that social media
is not a metric for success.

You get to define what success
and happiness mean to you.

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