Social Media Management

– Today we’re gonna do six
tips on social media management

in 60 seconds or less, coming up next.

Tip number one, is social
media provides social proof.

Consumers are looking
proof that they wanna work

with your business, and social
media is how they get it.

Tip number two, remember
that the goal of social media

is to move consumers from
awareness to advocacy.

Tip number three, is to
cater your post schedule

and post content per platform.

Remember, Linkedin needs something
different than Pinterest,

which needs something
different than Facebook.

Tip number four, is to use a professional

social media management software.

Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout
Social, or even Marketing 360.

Tip number five, don’t
forget to remarket to people

across your social
channels and your website.

And tip number six, remember
that the goal of social media

is not ROI, it’s ROE,
return on engagement.

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