Social Media Tips for Actors

You can waste a lot of time trying to see
if the username you want is available everywhere,

OR watch this quick video to find an awesome
website that checks the availability of your

@username on all the major platforms for you.

Hey, I’m Heidi Dean, and welcome to Social
Media Secrets for Actors, where on Tuesday,

I reveal an awesome trick, hack, or app that
helps you work smarter, not harder, on social


Let’s find that username!

The name of this awesome tool is called namecheckr,
and I’ll put a direct link to it in the description

of this video.

Pay very close attention to the spelling of

All you have to do is go to the search bar
up here, and type in the username that you’re

interested in.

Hit Enter, and it’s going to tell you where
it is available, if it’s available on Twitter,

Instagram, Facebook, and so many other sites.

I can test multiple usernames to find the
one that is right for me.

Awesome, right?

That is how you find a consistent username
on all your platforms with one easy click.

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Until then, I will see you on social!


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