Tips for Capturing High-Quality Images on Social Media

if you’ve made the leap into social
media marketing for your vacation home

listen up we’re going to tell you why
high quality images on social media are

key to your success and give you a few
easy tips to capture the best photos of your home.

Since Instagram first hit the
scene in 2010 sharing high-quality

images across all networks has become
the norm and it makes sense with the

adoption of smartphones and widely
available internet access people are

scrolling social media on-the-go on
their mobile devices oftentimes on a

small screen and limited time to browse.
When you need something that will

capture their attention your answer is
likely to be in your photos. In fact

Facebook posts that include images
received on average 2.3 times

more of the engagement than those
with no image. So what photos are the

right photos? Well research shows the
most liked images on Facebook tended to

possess four qualities; brightness
clarity, liveliness and ingenuity.

Putting this into practice you want to ensure your photos are well lit, clear and show

the character of your home for your
existing photos free apps like Canva or

VSCO offer filters to help you do the
basic improvements needed like

brightening, sharpening and straightening
your images for taking new photos put

your best foot forward by staging your
home clean your surfaces turn on all

your lights tuck electrical cords away
even set fresh flowers out on the table

look into local photographers or use the
best camera you have available to look

  How Social Media Helps Business

as sharp as possible. We hope these tips
were helpful and look forward to seeing

those photos


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