Tips to Share Traveler Reviews on Social Media

When you get a review so good you want
to shout it from the rooftops, consider

social media the high-rise in a city of
travelers. Share those five star reviews

and kind words of confidence on social
to reach future travelers and gain their trust to book.

Hi I’m Madison and I’m
Mairin and we’re on the social media team

For many of our partners running a
social media account to help promote

their vacation homes sounds like a lot
of work, but incorporating your travelers

reviews can be a super easy way to get
the ball rolling. So why share traveler reviews?

Did you know seventy-seven percent of travelers

feel that positive reviews
are important when deciding who to book with.

It certainly makes sense especially
for an accommodation like a vacation

rental. Travelers want to make sure the
vacation experience will go off without a hitch

and that you are the best
partner for them to book with.

We even tested it when we compared social posts
with traveler reviews in the caption to

those without we saw 57 percent more
clicks to those properties.

Basically it’s a no-brainer
there are lots of ways you can show off

your reviews on social media. Post a
screenshot of the dazzling review with a

caption thanking your guests. Share a
photo of your home using a review as

your post caption. Retweet or share your
guests own positive social media posts

that they’ve tagged you in and always
give credit to the traveler and

encourage your followers to check out
your listing for more reviews

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Social media can serve as your digital guest
book be proud of the remarks you’ve

received and share them with the world.

Good luck and we can’t wait to see your work online


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